Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

ICO is the topmost platform of the investment world, some of the peoples are considered as ICOs are dead because a lot of projects are turned out to be a scam and most of them lost their majority values. But in the recent survey says that many Institutional Investors are like to invest in the ICO platform, ICO is the most commonly used platform for raising funds for startup based projects.

How does ICO Works?

ICO helps the companies to raise funds on their projects, for example, creating their own cryptocurrency is more costly, so these ICO platforms can be very useful for that.

ICO is a computerized program that issues several tokens for investment.In an ICO if some project that creates a certain amount of digital tokens and sells it into the public, usually in exchanges for other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ether.

The following reasons determine how the public could be interested in Tokens.

Token - it has an inherent benefit and it grants the holders to access a service and share their outcomes by project earnings.

The market price of the token will increase the demand for the user's benefit

By using an ICO, the Company can sell digital tokens to the public in order to meet their business objectives and Start-ups are must create a white paper.

A whitepaper is an informational document usually released by the company for new immutable blockchain projects, it also to promote a product or services, you must highlight all the primary information.

The fundamentals backbone behind an ICO is a Blockchain, it helps to record the transactions. ICO may attract potential investors who may wish to purchase the coins to support the growth of the business.

How to Start your ICO funding?

  • Ideation & Whitepaper formulation
  • Pre-ICO marketing & Dashborad setup
  • Initial coin offering open to all platforms
  • Wallet setup and coin drop

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